Artist Statement



Practice makes perfect. But what is perfect? How does one achieve perfection? Through repetition? Through knowledge? Or what if it is all subjective and we as humans each create our own idea of something that is perfect because we all see through a different lens. As a craftsperson and a glassmaker these ideas are constantly spinning through my head. Additionally as time goes on I am gaining more knowledge and skill, which brings new challenges that are beginning to feel endless. This pursuit of the “perfect” is why I am so drawn to glass as a process, as well as why it is the foundation of my inspiration as an artist. But I am looking for my perfect, not anyone else’s. I am searching to gain clarity through my own lens, because I only know how I view the world. How can you really see through someone else’s lens? You can’t. Each one of us has our own distorted perception of reality whether it is physical or emotional, self induced or inherited. We all express them in different ways, this so happens to be my way.


My practice embodies the mental process and physical techniques of glassmaking to create work that is intriguing, playful, and intentful. In this way, I make vessels, lighting, and sculpture that attempt to bridge gaps between concept, design, and function.